The quorum required for Zakat commutative?

Question: (sheep, cattle, camels and trade goods, field crops, gold and silver religious charity, has not declared nisaplarını. There are no hadiths on this subject. Even though, today’s situation in terms of 1400 years is the same in every period of the previous quorum and must be defined again) said There are reformers. Vary the provisions of our religion in all ages, or is this not true until the Day of Judgement?
Allahu ta’ala (I completed your religion, missing left out) commands. Prayer, fasting, alms as a religious observance. There is no change in the worship. Do not change over time. Allahu ta’ala does not know what will happen until the Day of Judgement? Religious right to change, it becomes the finished has religious. According to a new religion, the provisions of the prophet would not play anyone, has the authority to change them.
Gold prices are subject pahalanıp ucuzlayabildiği animals and goods, such as the pahalanıp ucuzlayabilir zekâta. Nisaba is one fortieth of the goods received. Sadak-i fıtırda is evident in the amounts given. Çoğalmaz is reduced until the Day of Judgement.
Information from textbooks of fiqh, hadith-i-verse, and was sharifs. Every Muslim is necessary to conform to the provisions of their own sect. According to her understanding of the hadith sectarian imams çıkarmışlardır provision. We would be wrong to declare hadiths. However there is yetkimiz. However, evidence mezhebimizin Hadiths that tell us, no hadith on this issue, an answer to those who are going to check quorum.

Zakat instruction about:
Hazrat Anas narrates: When Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddiq sent him to Bahrain, the Messenger of Allah ordered the seal of a sealed. (Bukhari, Abu Dawud, Nesa)
Prepared in accordance with this directive in books of fiqh charity rates.
To be obligatory to give Zakat, Zakat’s goods, the amount of quorum from being a Muslim calendar year, then, is not the same goods, it is necessary to find estate value of the goods. (Muvatta – S. eternal)

The quorum required for gold:
20 shekel. [96 g] quorum of zakat is one fortieth. (Reed-ul-mukhtar – S. eternal)

The quorum required for silver:
The quorum required for silver is 200 dirham [672 g], falls down the charity. The amount awarded is one of the fortieth. (Reed-ul-mukhtar – S. eternal)
Hadrat ‘Ali narrated that the purport of the hadith is as follows:
(Silver will give the fortieth zakat funds. 190 dirhams, not for alms. 200 dirhams, five dirhams is reached.) [Tirmidhi, Abu Dawud, Nesa, I.. Ahmad]

Camel charity:
Fataawa-i Hindiyye’de they say: (Five Camel, gives a sheep. Four sheep given up to 24. From 25 to up to 35 camels, two are from the age of a young female camel. From 36 to 45 up to three years of age entered the she-camel is puppy. from 46 to 60, load vurulabilecek, four are from the age of the female camel. for more than that, it is given a specific number of female camels. Zakat, the men are not camels. If the female mantis is given by the value of gold or silver. other goods are not exported.) [Bukhari, Nesa]

Cattle Charity:
The mention of cattle, cows, oxen, bulls and buffalo understandable.
Ibn Abidine they say: (otuzdur quorum of the cow. 30’tan few cattle would not be charity. 30, one for cattle, a calf is male or female over the age of. Is the case up to 39. From 40 to 59, one, completed two years of age, male or female cow gives. 60 for up to 69 cattle, two calves are given. 70 cattle, a cow and a calf is given. 70 Then, for every 10, it is calculated. Every 30 for a calf, a cow for every 40 increases. 80 when the two beef is increasing.) [Abu Dawud, Tirmidhi, Nesa, the judge]

Davar charity:
Clear mention of cattle, sheep and goats. Ibn Abidin they say: (Saime sheep unless the charity, not for the amount of forty. Forty sheep is a sheep who gives alms. 120 sheep as a sheep. 120 to 200, two sheep. 200 to 400 in three are sheep. 400 When the four sheep, a sheep, then for each face is given.) [Bukhari, Abu Dawud, Nesa] Camels, cattle and sheep as a charity, the values ​​can be specified with the gold. (S. eternal)

Fruit and vegetables charity:
Imam A’zam, (each of fruits and vegetables, get at, get a lot of the crop land is declined, or one-tenth of the value of gold or silver, giving to the poor Muslims is fard) commands. Animal power or dolapla, one twentieth of the crop is irrigated engine. (S. eternal)
The purport of the two hadith in this regard are as follows:
(Rain, irrigated with water from springs or rivers, is one-tenth of the crop uşru. Dolapla or animal that is half irrigated.) [Bukhari] (Full feel cold crops irrigated with rain water, crops irrigated with water from a half-uşurdur instrument.) [Nesa] Home garden situation is different. Home grown fruits and vegetables in the garden of uşrunu needed. Because these fruits and vegetables have been planted for household needs. I even do not have to give a part of the satılsa uşrunu again. However, just because the home garden with the intention of trading uşru product is grown.
To define one, honey has a charity. The purport of the two hadith is as follows:
(Define one of humus [by a fifth alms] are.) [Bukhari, Muslim] (Honey is one-tenth of charity.) [Tirmidhi]

Sapıttıran Is God?
Question: I read Meal, Sura Al-i Imran, 8 verse, (Lord kalblerimizi deflection) and Ibrahim Sura 4 In the verse, (God, whom he guided It returns, leaves in error whom He will), it said. Is God in the hearts astray is such a prayer? Is God leaves man in error? Something is wrong meanings, I do not know if an issue here?
The meanings of religion lessons are learned. Here’s how it leads to misunderstandings. Seventy-two heretical sects, The Miraculous Quran sapıtmışlardır misunderstood. For this reason, must be based on information reported by mezhebimizin scholars. Allahu ta’ala does not leave anyone saptırmaz and in error. Glory be to Him if so, hereafter, that person, (O Lord, You are deceived me, so why should I blame perverse) minds? This accident is a matter of fate. Cüz’iyye people had the will-i. Everyone, or sin, the reward of his own accord. Sins to God we are processing load would be wrong.

Sitting on the toilet
Question: sitting on the toilet, with circumcision status, the two hands, or only need to put my hand on cheek?
In normal cases, the right cheek, right hand, left hand is placed in the left cheek. That circumcision is to put it. If you need to use a hand, is more appropriate to use his left hand, right hand cheek mold.

Source: Dinimiz İslam

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